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Enterprise Transformation


Disruption isn’t new but the pace of change is accelerating. New competitive threats, rapidly advancing technology, the impact of the pandemic, and an increased awareness of sustainability are pushing businesses to transform to stay competitive, to survive, and to grow.

We make transformation happen. We help clients adapt to be more agile, resilient, relevant, and sustainable. Achieving this demands purpose-led strategy; improved, data-driven business processes; a focus on employee experience, intelligent HR and culture; and an enabling technology landscape.

At Capgemini Invent, we bring together a unique blend of strategy, process, people, and technology expertise, combined with the power of data, to deliver your end-to-end transformation. We expand your digital footprint and drive sustainable business growth.

It’s how we make transformation succeed – from the inside out.

Corporate Experience

To drive sustainable growth, business leaders need a clear strategic vision and the right processes in place to bring it to life. Our Corporate Experience building blocks set the strategy, operating model, and redesigned business models needed to make this happen.

From post-merger integration to procurement and finance transformation, we help to define and build change. We enable organizations to transform from siloed corporate functions to achieve a holistic corporate experience.

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Workforce & Organization

People make transformation work. That’s why we focus on the human-side of business change.

From reinventing HR and employee experiences to moving towards a new operating model underpinning strategy and purpose, we help our clients become sustainable, future-ready digital organizations. We leverage the power of data to accelerate change across people, leadership, and culture.

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Business Technology

The right technology choices are one of management’s top priorities for growth.

With our inventive approach to digital transformation, we help to identify and implement the disruptive services, platforms, architecture, and operating models that modern enterprises need to deliver real-business value securely, at scale, and with sustainability at the core.

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Enterprise Data & Analytics

Successful transformations are built on data. We infuse data-driven decision making across the enterprise core and backbone, from Finance, Risk and Compliance to HR.

With a solid data strategy, modern analytics and AI, and real-time insights, our clients can accurately plan, measure, improve, and transform.

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Creating tomorrow’s enterprise today

The rate of change is accelerating. It’s time to embrace the shifting organization landscape and build an adaptive and people-centric future.

IT leaders must both reduce their carbon footprint and become an enabler of positive climate action initiatives across the organization.

Accelerate the digital revolution of your IT to position your business to thrive and innovate on digitalization.

From traditional data exchange and monetization to modern data sharing and co-creation, data ecosystems are key to the new experience economy.

Realize the full benefits of SAP S/4HANA to activate real business change.

By realizing the full potential of data, banks and insurers can increase their competitiveness, while reducing risks and cutting costs by 5-15% in their Finance, Risk and Compliance (FRC) functions.

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Enterprise transformation

Hvad er Digital Transformation?

Mohamed Attazgharti
Mar 20, 2022

Meet our experts

Benjamin Alleau

Managing Director of Enterprise Transformation, Capgemini Invent
With more than 20 years professional experience in consulting along with strategic account management, Benjamin has always had the passion for using technology to improve core processes and support strategic imperatives such as sustainability goals.